VISION: Our goal is to create and nurture a group of scientist-photographers in India who, through their images, can inspire the public to care about science. The idea is to teach scientists to be more "visually literate" in order to empower them to more effectively communicate their work. In the long term, we hope to serve as a platform for effective science communication, through photographs and science-based stories, that is open and accessible to all.

WHY NOW: India is seeing increasing investment in science and technology and a growing recognition of the contribution of these fields to the society. This makes it an exciting time to share scientific findings with a broader audience and in reality, the people whose contributions make this science possible. It is critical to communicate scientific research in an accessible, non-technical form without oversimplifying and misrepresenting the scientific process. Photography is unique among media tool (compared with writing, speaking or film) as a tool for both collecting and communicating data. Learning the technical aspects of photography allows researchers to document their data efficiently as well as effectively communicate their results with a larger audience. A creative and well-conceptualized photograph can convey complex concepts, allowing it to be used alone or as a complement to other forms of communication.